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About Us

building3Calgary’s Inter-Faith Furniture store may be under the radar of many Calgarians. But to newcomers and disadvantaged Calgarians, we’re the place they turn to when they need help in furnishing homes for their families.

Imagine being down to nothing but the clothes on your back, living out of a suitcase. This describes the situation many newcomers and disadvantaged Calgarians find themselves in.

Their first step on the road to a brighter future is to put a roof over their heads. But who do they approach for all the basic household furnishings? This is the central mission of Calgary’s Inter-Faith Furniture Society. Working out of very modest premises in NE Calgary, we have helped families bridge difficult times for the past 17 years and counting.

Those in distressed circumstances who are referred to us do not have to pay for their items. Those with some time to spare can join the “work for furniture” program, putting in hours at the store in return for basic furnishings.

The Mission of the Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society is to donate furniture and household goods to economically disadvantaged individuals directed to the Society by recognized agencies and faith groups.

The Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society is a humanitarian organization, entrusted with the distribution of donated goods in a fair and principled way. It is administered by an unpaid, volunteer Board of Directors.