In the bustling city of Calgary, the obscure gem known as the Inter-Faith Furniture Emporium often eludes the notice of many residents. However, for newcomers and underprivileged denizens of Calgary, we emerge as a sanctuary when they seek assistance in adorning their abodes.

Imagine a scenario where you possess nothing more than the garments draped upon your back, leading a nomadic existence with all your worldly possessions confined to a mere suitcase. This poignant reality encapsulates the plight faced by numerous newcomers and disadvantaged individuals residing in Calgary.

Their inaugural stride towards a brighter, more secure future necessitates securing a shelter under which they can forge their aspirations. But who stands as their beacon for procuring the fundamental accouterments required to convert a mere house into a welcoming home? The core objective of the Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society orbits around this pivotal endeavor. Nestled within unpretentious quarters in the northeastern precincts of Calgary, we have dedicated the last 17 years, and counting, to assisting families in surmounting adversities.

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Over the years, the Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society has garnered the endorsement of over 140 social organizations, including two medical institutions. The medical facilities often summon us for recliners and electric beds to accommodate the needs of ailing patients grappling with the ordeal of cancer. Similarly, we frequently receive requests for infant car seats. Yet, the most sought-after item on our roster remains kitchen tables and chairs.

Those who encounter adversity and are referred to us do not bear the burden of financial obligation for their acquisitions. Those endowed with the luxury of spare time can participate in our “labor in exchange for furnishings” initiative, where they contribute hours of service at our establishment in exchange for essential household articles.

Our Mission

The overarching mission of the Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society revolves around the benevolent bestowal of furniture and domestic essentials to economically disadvantaged individuals, directed to our care by recognized agencies and faith-based groups.

The Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society stands as a humanitarian institution, entrusted with the equitable and principled distribution of donated goods. Its stewardship is overseen by an uncompensated, volunteer Board of Directors.